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NOT simply designed…but designed effectively.

As much as a good sign can help your business, a bad sign can hurt it. Signs that are improperly installed, insufficient in size and height, obscured by traffic or other man-made or natural objects do more harm than good.  If your message isn’t legible, it’s not remembered.  An effectively designed sign must be:

  • Totally Visible – can it be seen by passing motorists and approaching clientele?
  • Totally Legible – is your name / phone number / message easy to read?
  • Totally Conspicuous – does it sit there silently or does it demand attention?

The Sign Company has years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing signs that do exactly what they’re supposed to do: attract customers, identify your business and increase your bottom line! That’s why the vast majority of our business comes from referrals.  We do the job right the first time, every time.

Designing signs with your TOTAL business in mind

On-premise signage is the most cost-efficient and effective form of advertising available to today’s small businesses.  Effective designing integrates a sign to enhance rather than detract from your site’s aesthetic appeal.  It melds with and supports current visual advertising, providing continuity in marketing that bolsters your image.

How do YOUR customers hear about you?

That’s a fundamental question when gauging the effectiveness of any new business marketing.  Look at these customer responses from a recent survey conducted by a group of several new small businesses.

The question posed to the customers: “How did you learn about us?”

  • Your Sign: 46%
  • Word of Mouth: 38%
  • Newspaper: 7%
  • Yellow Pages: 6%
  • Radio: 2%
  • Television: 1%

Were you surprised by the results?  Your sign is often the first image people have of your business.  It becomes your brand, your tag and your logo.  It draws the eye, captures attention and broadcasts your corporate personality to your potential customers.  Based on the numbers, your customers are paying attention.

Marketing that never, ever quits

Unlike print media, radio advertising or TV commercials, your sign is always sharing your message, promoting your business and attracting attention.  Even after you’ve gone home, your sign continues to remind potential customers that you’re business is ready to serve their needs.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on holidays, your signage is working for you.

A sign is the handshake your business offers a customer.  It’s your invitation to come inside, your promise of a favorable business experience.

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